Why create fundraisers for Law Enforcement that cost them 1/3 in taxes?!

By jessica@OfficerDown.US

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Does anyone you know in or related to Law Enforcement need to raise funds?

We do not charge the 5% admin fee for injured on duty or LODD fundraisers. We provide 501c3 nonprofit status to all fundraisers.

Start a fundraiser today and utilize our 501(c)(3)

OfficerDown.US is a helpful national 501(c)(3) non-profit fundraising organization with an accompanying crowdfunding website dedicated to the Law Enforcement Community. 

Donors and Recipients of qualifying fundraisers benefit from using our 501(c)(3) status. 

Police Officers, Law Enforcement Personnel, and their families can rely on OfficerDown.US and the community to come together to help during times of need, on duty or off!

Simply visit the website and register and set up a a fundraiser which becomes a 501c3 fundraiser (can help greatly with taxes for you and your donors). Connect your checking account through Stripe for direct deposit or we can host funds.

For the month of May, in honor of Police Week, there will be no service / admin fee. That’s on us! Let us help.


If the crowdfunding campaign is utilizing the benefits of a tax-exempt organization, the tax laws are addressed in Code sections 501 through 515 and Code section 170. In general, donations received by a tax-exempt organization are not subject to income tax and contributors may be able to claim a tax deduction. An important note, however, is if the entity (or person) establishing the crowdfunding campaign is not using the lending model or the equity model and is not a tax-exempt organization, then all funds received may be income subject to taxation. However, particularly in the case of GoFundMe, with funds going to individuals the question is raised as to whether this is a donation, a gift or taxable income to the recipient.

Online fundraising websites such as GoFundMe are usually not recognized as qualified charitable organizations. Thus, a donation to a GoFundMe account for the benefit of someone in need is not deductible as a charitable.

contribution. https://www.nstp.org/docs/fta/2016/May-June-FTA.pdf