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Kacey Wiltz

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance – Kansas would like to thank OfficerDown.US for their assistance with fundraising for Corporal Jason Harwood, who was killed in the line of duty. With their help, we were able to raise funds to assist Corporal Harwood’s family in their time of need. Officer Down was very supportive and we appreciate their professionalism. Although we hope we never have to, we look forward to partnering with them in the future.

Kacey Wiltz
Kansas Chapter Commander
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

Chris Wasser

I found the site, “OfficerDown.US”, couple of months ago. I accidentally found the page on Facebook while I was trying to find a financial source to help a Friend of mine. My friend is a police officer who has a two-year-old son with cancer. I sent a message to OfficerDown through my Facebook and explained them the situation. The Executive Director, Ms. Jessica Langgin, helped us in any possible ways she could. I remember during the registration process for this kid on the site, once Ms. Langgin sent me a massage on my Facebook at 4:00 am. Definitely, “OfficerDown.US” is a result of Ms. Langgin and her team’s efforts. They really helped us. They made a flyer for this kid in a short time and posted it on the Facebook page. It was amazing. Also, last month I introduced the site to another friend of mine who is a police officer and trying to help an injured police officer. Thank you OfficerDown.US and I wish a happy New Year full of success for you.

Brian McDuffie

Hi. My name is Brian McDuffie, Executive Director of L.E.A.C., Corporation. We at L.E.A.C., Corporation have greatly appreciated the support of OfficerDown.US. There Executive Director and CEO have been more than helpful in assisting us whenever they can and in any way they can. There response time to requests and/or issues is swift and their resolvement is immaculate. Officerdown.us is much more than a crowd-funding site. Their appreciation to law enforcement and their families is tremendous and we commend them for that. When we started our campaign with them, we were a newly formed non-profit and they even were available to assist us with advice and persons of contact to assist us with that process. Also, on a regular basis, Officerdown.us has reached out to us asking if there was anything they can do to assist our organization. L.E.A.C., Corporation highly recommends other organizations to utilize Officerdown.us for their law enforcement fundraising needs because their professionalism and customer services by far supersedes all other crowd-funding sites. Thank you Officerdown.us for all you are doing for us and we look forward to a continuing relationship.

Shawna Thissen

We all have moments in our lives where we wonder if we’ll be able to make it through. Some moments require inner strength and others we have to learn to rely on others. Police officers are used to being leaned on by their community and are the first ones there when people call. When my friend, Officer Sherry Gooley, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, she had to lean on others. Asking for help doesn’t come naturally to her and most other officers for that matter. While Officer Gooley felt like she was falling I was able to throw out a net to catch her. That net was and is Officer Down. While Officer Down has stood behind her, Officer Gooley has been able to focus on her future and not worry about the weight of medical bills. With Officer Down as her net she can now start the journey of getting back up! Officer Gooley, myself and all her friends and family will forever be grateful for Officer Down. They are more than an amazing company stepping in to help those who serve but they are family – sticking by your side through the darkest of times. Thank you!

Lori Shoff Harwood

My husband was shot in killed in the line of duty on September 7th, 2014. When I received a message from this site asking me to post on my FaceBook that this account was set up I dismissed it as a scam.
I did receive a check today for the full amount of what was donated. This is a new fund raising site that I see could be very beneficial to helping others. Not only for officers killed in the line of duty, but for when a fellow officer has needs beyond his control for medical instances within his family. It is hard to ask for help of any kind but to admit that you need it for monetary reasons is difficult.
Sheepdog Assistance of Topeka requested Officer Down to start this fundraiser on behalf of my family. I share because I want you to know that you can help your fellow officers here and it will be followed through.
Thank you to Officer Down, Sheepdog Assistance of Topeka and everyone that has supported us either monetarily or with your prayers. Lori Harwood

Bennett Norris

On September 13, 2014, my son, Deputy Michael Norris was gunned down in the line of duty responding to a suicide attempt call from 911. On September 15, 2014 he was pronounced brain dead. This event began the worst times we have ever felt or been through.
The family of Deputy Michael A Norris wishes to express their gratitude for the out pouring of love and support from Officer Down in this great show of respect for Deputy Michael Norris. The fundraiser for his beloved wife was much appreciated.
From the start with a prayer, to an ongoing prayer for the family, we have been blessed in a devastating circumstance that otherwise could have been a total disaster. The dedication of all involved was noticed and the prayers heartfelt.
From the bottom of our hearts and the memory of Deputy Michael A Norris, we the family would like to thank the group at Officer Down for their support, prayers and the proceeds from the fundraiser for his wife.
Thanks, Bennett Norris, Father of Deputy Michael Norris

Ricky Hollis

On September 18, 2014, my wife Jessica Hollis was killed in the line of duty while she was checking a low water crossing in Travis County. Jessica’s patrol vehicle was swept away in the flood waters. I was contacted by OfficerDown.US about a fund raising campaign for my son and myself. I would like to thank Officer Down for coming through on their promise. I received a check approximately six weeks after her death. Thank you again for reaching out to us during our time of need and their timely response with the funds that were promised to us.

james walther

This site was very helpful. The people behind it actually interact with you on a personal level to understand your needs. I have recommended this site to fellow officers. Thank you to everyone involved.

Hector Navarro

I just wanted to take a minute to salute J. Langgin and her team for the amazing job they do for our LEO’s, their friends and families. They work diligently to help everyone that needs their assistance. Thanks for everything you do behind the scenes for all of us.

Ann McSwain

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED. I AM FOREVER CHANGED BECAUSE OF YOUR BLESSINGS. ***During all of the negative news that surrounds law enforcement nowadays, even from our President, it was incredible so many reached out to me. These wonderful people don’t know me personally; rather, they were reaching out to a law enforcement Officer in need and it was awesome to know so many still trust, need and believe in “us” and what we do. Given the exact same circumstances, I would do it again, even knowing what the outcome for me would be. There were many people that fateful day who were going about their lives and they had no idea what was in the suspect’s mind nor what his intentions were that day. The suspect’s hate-filled act that day produced so much love and support and that’s the story I want out there: out of a hateful act, tremendous love and support has happened, and it continues to this day. I have always believed in working hard and doing the right thing and that good things will come from it. I am thankful I was there that day. I have a long road of recovery ahead, but it was worth it. Thank you to all who contributed and to Jessica Langgin for initially reaching out to me. I will NEVER forget it and I will live each day hoping I can make a difference and be worthy of all of the love and support. I am forever changed because of Jessica and because of all of you.

Julie Benner

i would like to thank everyone who contributed, my husband Gregg Nigel benner was killed in the line of duty on may 15 2015, he loved being a police officer, and was always willing to stay late, he was on his way home when the incident occurred, and i will do everything in my power to make sure justice is served, god bless all our nations police officers and keep them safe , julie benner xx

Kristy Bastine

At the end of my rope, and feeling like I had nowhere else to turn after my on duty injury, I was given the contact info for Officer Down and Jessica Langgin, the executive Director. She was so quick to respond, and so helpful from the very moment we first started planning my campaign. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and my pay and benefits had been cut off. Ms. Langgin eased me through the process, and assisted me when I became confused with a portion of the online process (due to my injury). The entire campaign was seamless and easy, and Ms. Langgin was excellent with communication the entire time. Obviously, we are beyond grateful for our family and friends who have donated to the campaign and helped us in our time of struggle. But we owe an extra special THANK YOU to Jessica Langgin for her excellent work in not only helping us, but assisting so many other officers and their families in their time of need. Sadly, it seems that often we forget about those officers who are seriously injured on the job and left, along with their families, to struggle both emotionally and financially. It is wonderful to feel that I have not been forgotten.
Please keep up the work that you are doing, it means so much to those that you are impacting. While we are not in a position to pay it forward at this time, we are looking forward to the time when we can help support another in need. OfficerDown.us is such a wonderful, caring, and truly giving campaign site. Please share, follow, tell your friends, expose as much as possible, so that others can know about this site! There is no reason that this site should not be known in every department across the country! Last, but not least, watch your own back, watch each other’s back, go home safely.



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