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May you always remember Deputy Bruce Ennis ~ Stephen Ward

May you always remember Deputy Bruce Ennis,

for all the good he tried to do,

for all the help he was to others,

as I’m sure he was there for you.


My friends in Blue try to do what’s right,

they wear their uniforms with pride,

but remember they are still just men,

with their beating heart inside.


Let’s honor and remember them,

and show support for them each day,

because these officers who risk it all,

may be your saving grace someday.


If you call out for these folks in Blue,

they’ll come to help you through,

never knowing what the risks may be,

as they come to rescue you.


So when one falls the lawful feel the pain,

for a brother in arms has gone,

we pay tribute to his memory,

as we place flowers on the lawn.


~Stephen Ward~

~Stephen Ward~

        Roanoke, VA