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Seeking Board Members for Officer Down US™

Board Members Desired for National Law Enforcement Non Profit Organization

OfficerDown.US is a nationwide 501c3 organization that is dedicated to helping support the lives of Law Enforcement, First Responders, and their families.

Would you be interested in being active with our 501c3 national organization? Can you recommend others who would also? 

Board members are greatly needed ASAP as we enter our 8th year as a 501c3 in service in June. We are now  eligible for bigger and better things, like grants, and hope we have some caring and involved community members to join us on our journey. We need members to reach out and raise awareness throughout the United States. We provide an excellent opportunity for you to be of community service and take on a role with OfficerDown.US to help others; many others.        Email jessica@OfficerDown.US

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Are you a Proud Police Wife?

My husband and I had many talks about how much we were spending eating out. It was A LOT at one point.

The thing is, I totally understood why he would snack the way he did because early on into his career I went on a ride along with one of his co-workers. I gained even more appreciation for him and his career but I also saw how difficult it was for him to even get a chance to eat. And when he did get that chance, he had to take it. So that meant he would quickly stop off at a convenient store or drive-thru for a bite to eat. I just couldn’t blame him. I was hungry in between every call, too and I hadn’t packed nearly enough food for the night.

Bottom line, we just weren’t organized and prepared for meal times AT ALL. We needed some sort of system for our ever-changing schedule and his long shift hours.

That’s when we started meal planning and found a way to be prepared for every meal and have plenty of snacks for his shift. This cut our expenses drastically down on eating out and we never stress over meal time anymore.

If your meal times right now are a mess and your officer is eating out way more on shift than you can afford, be sure to grab The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide for the Law Enforcement Family. Don’t struggle.

Until Friday, you can get the guide for $10 off. Go here and use code STRESSFREE for your discount.

The $20 you spend on the meal planning guide will easily save you (& your officer) the money you would normally spend on eating out! No brainer!

If you have any questions let me know!


Proud Police Wife

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