Stephen Ward

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Stephen Ward
Business Management & Marketing & Community Outreach
Roanoke, VA

Stephen Ward has a great appreciation for Law Enforcement, a by-product of a US Army Lt Col Father and an Irish Catholic mother; raised in a household where there was no excuse for poor behavior, taught to respect law enforcement officers.  As a teenager growing up, he had interests in wildlife projects and made friends with local game wardens, often volunteering for trout stocking programs with the local wildlife biologists and wardens, and always knowing there was a RIGHT way to do things, and a wrong way; always avoiding the latter choices in life. As an athlete Stephen enjoyed Soccer and was Co-Captain of his high school wrestling team; graduating from high school with honors.

A graduate of Cornell University in 1981 with a major in Business Management & Marketing, with a minor course of study in Civil Engineering, Stephen also took interest in Community Outreach as the Inter-Fraternity Council Community Service Chairman, and raised funds for The American Red Cross and American Cancer Society through campus activities. Not one to ever stand idly by and do nothing if someone was being hurt, he at one point helped stop a robbery at the local Ramada Inn one evening while at its Gazebo Club, stopping the thieves from getting away with the clubs’ door cash box and getting the license plate of the remaining robbers who attempted to escape and also stopped a brutal robbery of a man attacked by an assailant with a blackjack at an ATM machine in downtown Ithaca, NY one evening, while others just watched from across the street, the victim thanking him for saving his life as he was put in an ambulance. The local police department knew who he was for all the right reasons back then.

In the early 1980’s Stephen was a member of the Intelligence Community and also worked for former White House Secret Service Agent Andy Berger as part of his private security team covering visiting dignitaries and entertainers in the Charlotte, NC region. In the latter 1980’s and early 1990’s, Stephen once again went to the assistance of the game warden community, doing volunteer work with the Virginia Game Warden Association; acting as a member of deer check-in stations in Bedford County; manning VGW booths at Big Game shows, and also riding along with Wildlife Biologist’s as they toured their WMA’s they were responsible for during a period of the VGW’s being down by 44 men due to budget cuts.  Stephen is licensed to Carry Concealed, is quite capable with various weapons and is a respected person by many people in many Law Enforcement agencies, supports the Virginia Sheriffs Association and other police associations over the years no matter where he has lived.

Stephen works primarily as an engineer in the structural construction trades for the past 30 years; but keeps in touch with the Law Enforcement community and is vocal against those who support criminal behaviors over the rights of law abiding citizens.