Spotsylvania Deputy Kelley and DUX; police dog to have statue in national police museum

By jessica@OfficerDown.US

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It’s been a year
and half since K-9 police dog Dux was shot by two bullets
while apprehending a suspect in Spotsylvania County; suffering a large
wound in his back and another in his neck Oct. 2, 2016.  Although
wounded, with bullet fragments lodged within a centimeter of his
spine, he still went on... During a traffic stop; the suspect Joseph
Elliott Conway of King George, became violent, resisted arrest,
punched the deputy and ran off. Officer Kelley and another deputy
pursued the man and Dux was let go to chase down the suspect, but was
shot when the dog got about 10 feet of the suspect.  The brave German
shepherd survived the encounter and went back to duty, teaming back up
with his handler, Deputy Kory Kelley.
Both Deputy Kelley and Dux are to be honored for their brave service
and actions as the pair was chosen, from among many other brave
candidates, to have a statue created of them and  displayed in the
National Law Enforcement Museum, which is under construction in
Washington, D.C.;  where the statues will be on display when the
museum opens in the fall. 

Conway was arrested and convicted of 11 charges, and is to serve 45
1/2 years in prison; where he belongs!