WIFE / MOM / SISTER/ DAUGHTER Thin Blue Line Bracelets and RINGS


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We're making this simple. Help us out, by donating to OfficerDown.US...

We ship you bracelets!

Choose which ones you want and what size. Lots of choices!


Wife bracelet floatingMom Floating braceletSister Floating bracelet

Daughter floating band




Donate to receive your Thin Blue Line Silicon Bracelets.

AND now we have his and her rings:


Here's a link to a recent thorough story about us........

 At the Ready Mag


We will only ship within the United States unless arranged prior.

$6 Minimum Donation for ONE

In addition to local organizations or bank accounts, OfficerDown.US provides a simple and national non-profit way to donate from anywhere, at anytime, without having to be seen. Our donations support the entire community and does not intend to interfere with local in place organizations, only enhance their ability to reach more people and at times, be more accessible.

OfficerDown.US is a registered national nonprofit with a passion and a mission to provide a place where people can reach out to help those who have spent their lives helping others. “To protect and serve” isn’t just a job, and those who dedicate their lives to live by the code are our family. It’s up to us to come together as a “crowd” to support the officers, the families and the departments who sacrifice so much to help others and preserve our community every day, every night.

All donors making a donation through OfficerDown.US receive an instant receipt with our IRS tax ID making their donation a write-off.

Our site retains a minimal 5% which is very necessary and hasn't nearly covered our costs yet. The credit card company charges 3% plus .30 for every transaction, which is the same amongst any online fundraising site. We never see this fee.

Our website is OfficerDown.US

Our facebook page is FACEBOOK

Our Twitter is TWITTER

Our Instagram is INSTAGRAM

A link to our testimonials, TESTIMONIALS

A link to OfficerDown.US the national website legitimizing nonprofits, GUIDESTAR.org

A simple Google search for "OfficerDown.US" reveals a plethora of information.


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