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The Upland Police Department does not have a Memorial at Police Headquarters to honor Ernest Ralph Dark, the only Upland Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

Officer Dark died on September 17, 1940, during a vehicle pursuit, leaving behind a wife, Walteen and two young children, 7 and 5.

The Upland Police Department would like to fulfill that promise to never forget and honor the memory of Police Officer Ernest R. Dark, by partnering with the community to create a memorial. Thus, I am respectfully requesting that you donate and share this campaign with family, friends, and business owners to help the Upland Police Department raise the funds needed to unveil the Monument on the anniversary of Officer Dark's death. All costs associated with the construction of the monument will be from private funding and donations.

The memorial will be built on the southeast portion of the Upland Police Department property. 

The memorial will consist of three walls, with three flag poles erected behind them. The wall in the center will have a plaque, in remembrance of Officer Dark.

In the center, there will be a statue of an officer kneeling on a pedestal facing the plaque. The area will be surrounded with benches to provide a seating area for those visiting the memorial.

The formal unveiling ceremony is scheduled for September 17, 2016which is the 76th anniversary of Officer Dark's death. After 76 years, as a community we are going to do what is right and memorialize a true Guardian of Upland, Officer Dark who sacrificed his life for our protection.

With your help we can take Officer Dark’s Memorial from the drawing board to reality.





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