Tulsa Police Officer Seriously Injured. Help Family.

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Tulsa Police Corporal Aaron McPherson was injured in a motorcycle accident on August 5, 2016. He has broken almost every bone in the right side of his body, with the exception that his head and spine were spared, but he was left with numerous internal injuries. Doctors say that he is not out of the woods yet. He has a very long road to recovery and his family needs assistance during this tragic time.

His wife, Shari, is a nursing student and they have two young children (6 and 2). Corporal McPherson may be able to return to his supervisory position once recovery is complete, but it will be a very long time until that decision can be made.

Shari described him as a wonderful and involved father with their children and a loving man who came from a tough childhood and wanted to grow up to be a police officer to help other children in tough situations that he understood first hand. He loves animals- always bringing home strays to save them from abuse and neglect.

Corporal McPherson has served his community for 13 years and we'd like to give back to this wonderful man for the selfless service he has provided to the Tulsa community for so long. All money raised for Corp. McPherson will be used to pay for medical bills and general household bills and needs during his recovery time.


**UPDATE** Corporal McPherson is HOME and healing!! He still has a very long road before he can entertain the idea of going back to work, but now he is home with his family where he can rest comfortably and be with those he loves.

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