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My name is Sydney Morgon and I have a chance this fall to direct a short film I wrote.   The short is about a Police officer named Logan that gets involved in a shooting who is then placed on administrative leave.  The film focuses on the struggles he faces while on leave and the stress of whether being able to return to work or not.  
     To make this story come to life I am in need of money to help pay for certain expenses such as cast, crew, locations, props, costumes, etc. 
I will need the funds before the filming takes place in order to have everything locked down and prepared ahead of time.  
     This is a story that hits home for me.  Growing up with two police officers as parents definitely  gives me such an appreciation for what the law enforcement community does.  This is my way of giving back, being able to create something that is real and authentic some will be familiar with.  I hope you choose to help this project in support with law enforcement.


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  • 08/02/2018
    Wish I could donate more but I'll share this hope you receive more donations that way! I'd love to see the film when it's finished!

Project FAQ

Q: Where is the money going?

A: We have a budget for locations, food, actors, crew, props, wardrobe, post production and fundraising fees.

Q:When/where are you filming? 

A: We will be filming in Lynchburg, Virginia throughout September 18th through 27th.

Q: Where do you get filming equipment?

A: Liberty University's Cinematic Arts program equips us with top of the line equipment. 

Q: Why are you doing this project?

A: The project is apart of my graduation requirements for college and I used it as an opportunity to voice my support for law enforcement. 

Q: Are you in law enforcement?

A: I am not however my parents are and have been since I was little, which is where I get the inspiration.  I also have many other family members who are in law enforcement as well.