TEXAS Officer & Army Vet Shot Multiple Times – Has a Long Recovery Road Ahead!


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Caldwell County, TX Deputy Jay Johnson was shot multiple times while responding to a call on Feb. 2.

Deputy Johnson was life flighted to an area hospital where he immediately underwent the first round of several surgeries. Deputy Johnson was shot in his left arm, left wrist, shoulder, right wrist, a bullet grazed his forehead, and he sustained a fractured humerus! The gunshot to his right wrist (also his dominant hand), shattered his radial bone and damaged major nerves and arteries and ultimately damaged sensation in his hand. He sustained a secondary gunshot wound to his chestplate causing abrasions and severe bruising. This has been and will continue to be a lengthy recovery.

"Jay" underwent several surgeries and requires extensive physical therapy. At this time, the doctors are saying that there are no guarantees that Jay will be able to return to back to the the career he loved due to his extensive injuries. Many would say he was lucky (A BULLET GRAZED HIS FOREHEAD!! ), but in this line of work we know, angels exist.

His story was needed to make a difference!

Jay's wife, Elizabeth, has literally been his right AND left arms with his daily living needs while he his immobile. She is his primary caregiver, but must also continue to work due to the financial constraints and mounting medical and daily costs of living. She has exhausted her FMLA and will be needing to return to work soon.They have no family near to help.

The physical, financial, and emotional strain is one that no one should ever have to endure!

What many do not understand is that injured officers do not receive full compensation for their injuries. Oftentimes, it is 2/3 of their salary and is not paid immediately. Sometimes this is out of the control of the agencies themselves (depends on the agency structure). This officer fought to protect his community as all officers do and now he is left to pick up the pieces due to the acts of a senseless coward.

Let's take care of him!! He has a LONG road ahead of him!!

Deputy Johnson grew up in Tomball, Texas, raised by a single father who passed away in 2014. He served for 4 years in the Army and served a tour in Afghanistan. Jay married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth.

Any amount makes a difference and please share far and wide so that collectively we can give this HERO the help he deserves.

All funds received will be sent directly to the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office and given personally to Deputy Jay Johnson.

This campaign was approved by the friends and family of Deputy Jay Johnson.



  1. friendsofdeputyjjohnson

    Good afternoon – I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that this is in fact a legitimate fundraiser to benefit Deputy Jay Johnson and his wife Elizabeth as they face the longest road of their short lives.. If you have any questions,or concerns, please feel free to send me an email @ medicmurphy73@gmail.com and I will forward it to the correct person

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