Teen of Former LEO & Veteran Raising Funds for 1st Responder/Military Related Flood Victims


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Matthew Finney, 16, the son of a former LEO/veteran(s) is raising funds for TEEN flood victims related to LEO/FF/EMS/JROTC/Military in Louisiana. He knows what his friends felt like during S.C. October floods when they were ignored.



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  1. Valli

    This is Matthew’s mom. We are sorry for not thanking everyone sooner who has donated, but I had to make an unexpected trip to see my brother before he died. He passed on Sept. 12. It was Matthew’s favorite uncle. Thank you to everyone who has donated. We are challenging everyone to donate $1. That’s the price of a cup of coffee. Please consider helping Matthew help the teens in Louisiana. We learned today that officials are telling people not to go into Denham Springs downtown without a mask on…These people are hurting so badly.

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