Suicide Prevention; Awareness is an Immediate NEED…Help Bring HOPE to Officers!


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SUICIDE. A hard word for many to digest, yet a subject that needs to be addressed.  5 officers took their own lives in this last week alone. Those officers made social media news...there are more that did not.


Law enforcement is an honorable job & comes with many rewarding times, BUT it also comes with more than it's share of tragedies.  Calls that you can never mentally erase; violence, death, destruction. Oftentimes, we learn to internalize what we have seen; it's from all the training. We suppress our emotions until the day it becomes "too much".  Many suffer in silence.  Some won't get the help they need.  Some are concerned with turning to their agencies counseling services due to confidentiality or the fear of retaliation (termination for unfit for duty under the guise of another reason).  We've all heard and seen the stories.  BUT, there are other alternatives.  

Serve & Protect is a nationwide (the only one of it's nature) & confidential organization that helps families of public safety.  

The Serve & Protect mission:

  • To locate and facilitate trauma specialists who have familiarity with public safety professions and accept the insurance of the client;
  • To educate public safety about “Plain Talk About PTSD and Suicide” from the lowest rank and file to the top administration;
  • To advocate for public safety professionals
    • regarding inappropriate treatment from administrators as it pertains to PTSD issues.
    • regarding inappropriate condemnation of public safety professionals by media, activists, and politicians.

Serve & Protect is independent of any police departments and is 100% confidential.  

Serve & Protect offers a 27/7 crisis hotline, peer support advocates, and family support services. 


Our mission is to help them continue their goals of helping others succeed. SUICIDE affects families, coworkers, & friends for a lifetime.  Help us bring awareness to the issue and help those who feel helpless!!


(If anyone is immediate need of help, please call the Serve & Protect confidential crisis line: 615-373-8000)


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Project FAQ


  • Every 17 hours a law enforcement officer commits suicide. (Dr. Jean G. Larned,Ph.D., Criminal Investigations Instructor; Understanding Police Suicide, Forensic Examiner Magazine Fall 2010)
  • 75 % of officers have been divorced – 87% of firefighters! (Firefighter Nation / Journal of Police Psych)
  • 40 % of first responders are involved in domestic violence (Nat’l Center for Women & Policing / Purple Berets)
  • 85% of first responders and 35% of dispatchers experience some elements of PTSD (Anxiety/Depression Mag.)
  • The emotional war on police is very real, with unwarranted attacks coming from political, activist, and radical elements, as well as media who disseminate misinformation and distort truth.