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Last year, a small town in Mayes County, Oklahoma lost their police department due to lack of funding. The city has decided to hire a new Chief who is willing to work for VERY little in order to see this town prosper once again. 

In the dark times both law enforcement and civilians are facing today, this small town needs police more than ever. We also need our police to be protected when doing their job! This town is in a very ripe area for drug and gang activity, and the police chief is the only hope of survival this beautiful, once thriving town has.

The funds donated here will go directly to the police department's funds and will be used ONLY for car repairs and equipment for the chief (and any reserves he hires), and all equipment will be returned to the department in the event that an officer does not stay on staff.

Any help you can offer will greatly benefit the entire community. The children in this town deserve to grow up in a lawful environment, and that is hard to maintain when County police officers are sometimes half an hour away.


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