Spinal Cord Injury


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My husband, a Deputy, suffered a severe spinal cord injury  on June 3rd, 2017. This injury made an already existing back problem much worse. A problem that surgery can fix, but not without an invasive surgery and long recovery. 

Jeff has completely dislocated a spinal segment during a tussle with a drunk driver. His L4 &L5 were completely compressed, and are now bone-on-bone. How, he is not paralyzed is baffling to us, but we will take it!! And we’re extremely grateful and feel blessed for that! Thank God!!!  The nerves, arteries and ligaments have all been mangled, stretched to the point of snapping and severely pinching. He should have had emergency surgery right away for the possibility of becoming permanently disabled however,  we couldn't afford the out of pocket copays for the surgery at that particular time OR him have enough sick/vac time accrued. This all hit at once!!!

Jeff has been in extreme pain for months. A man who worked-out at the gym several times a week, strong, muscular and lives a healthy life has now dropped over 40 pounds.  His left leg, where most of the pain effected him from the pinching of the nerves, has reduced to nearly skin and bone type of skinny. Completely frail from being favored for these few months. His face has sunken in from lack of sleep due to the pain, and not eating right because the pain made him so nauseous. It is not humanly possible for someone to live in this type of pain. So we used our savings plus donations to pay the copays and he has now had the much awaited surgery.


His surgery; abdominal, and lateral spinal fusion, was on September 18th. They cut into his back and placed a cage around his spine, and then went in through his abdomin (removing everything) to put the other half of the cage plus 8 screws. This thing is like having a 5x7 metal plate in your back. Very big, bulky an uncomfortable!

The doctor has told him that it will be a 6-8 weeks of rough recovery time. This is where we absolutely NEED HELP!! We only have 3 weeks of sick/vac time covered. After that we don’t know what to do.

Jeff has always been the sole provider of me, who is disabled, and our four babies. Never asking anyone for anything!!


This is ALL so NEW to us!! Having to ask for help.


Jeff’s always been a GREAT PROVIDER!


 PLEASE Donate what you can. Nothing is too small. 


After the 3rd week that Jeff’s  got  credit for, we will then have NO means of income for the next month and a half to get us through UNTIL he is able to return to work. This includes paying for HEALTH INSURANCE that he obviously needs for his physical therapy and follow-up appointments. 

Jeff has DEDICATED his ENTIRE life serving and protecting streets and communities for OVER 18 YEARS. In that time, he has saved lives performing CPR for long periods of time- by himself- waiting for the paramedics! He has brought lives INTO the world!!! Yes-he’s delivered babies, all on his own, on the side of the street, in the backseat of cars, in the rain, etc!! And- he has also held those who were dying in front of him and there was nothing he could do for them, feeling for the family and trying to be supportive for them ! Very sad!!

This is a prime example of his dedication to everyone out there. Complete strangers!!! These guys take beatings from criminals, just so they don’t hurt any one of us. Jeff’s out there every night watching and protecting!!

NOW, he needs your help!! PLEASE DONATE!!



There isn't any way possible he can return to full duty after only 3 weeks. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate! HELP one of those officers that have been behind the scenes helping people in the black of the night. Those officers are often forgotten about. But deserve to be helped. He has shown his commitment to people he doesn’t even know. Now, he needs YOUR HELP!!!

Please make a donation today- 501c3 tax deductible!!!! 

Best Regards,

Erin Drossman 


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