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What can you do to show local Police Officers you appreciate them?

You can tell them!

Sometimes, it's easier to make a small gesture; Possibly buy a coffee or leave a note on a car. A quick hello and a word of appreciation go a long way. But sometimes, that is easier said than done. You may recognize that the Officers are busy or preoccupied or simply not within sight. You may see them in a restaurant or talking to someone else. These are the times when it would be just as easy to leave a little anonymous message that says "Thank You, Officer"

No more, no less.

Your donation of a minimum of $11 will include TEN opportunities to present a card and a Thin Blue Line Bracelet to wear and show your constant support.

Your donation goes to support OfficerDown.US a national nonprofit 501c3 dedicated to helping Law Enforcement AND their Families.

These are the newer design and what you will receive:

 ADD-ON orders must accompany at least one original Thank-You packet


must be two separate orders

Please be sure to have included your shipping address in your profile.

Thank You


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Project FAQ

*How does the donation being sought serve to address the organization's primary focus areas?

Your donation will benefit officers and their families throughout the United States to fill a monetary gap often left after an officer is killed in the line of duty or injured in the performance of their duties protecting the community they serve. OfficerDown.US will use your donation to help cover administrative costs that allow us to keep helping the very officers that run towards danger when every sense in their body is telling them to run the other way.