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I was working as a deputy for Faulkner County Sheriffs Department, on December 26, 2012, I was dispatched by EMS to the scene of my brother's suicide which was also a deputy for Faulkner County. At the time I began seeking treatment with a sociologist and a physiatrist who diagnosed me with severe PTSD, anxiety, and deep depression. I transferred into the transport department where I no longer had to answer to calls anymore. In September of 2014, my wife and I decided that it was best for my health and others to move back to my hometown. At that time I hung up my badge and gun and began fam work where I no longer had insurance to continue my treatments. I was spinning out of control with lucid nightmares and flashbacks and  thoughts of suicide but kept it to myself. On December 16th 2017, I went into cardiac arrest. My widow maker artery was blocked in two places 100%. They had to revive me 5 different times. The doctor explained to my wife and mother that I probably wouldn't make it overnight. After being sedated for 36 hours, they weaned me on the ventilator and balloon pump to test my heart's function and upon coming too I started having a flashback of the suicide of my brother. I am currently receiving treatment for a physiatrist, phycologist, and cardiologist. The physciatrist and physcologist both prescribed me to have a medical alert service dog. I have retained a dog and started training but her funds are now depleted. I am seeking funds to get the best training for her completed. 


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