Ret. San Diego PD Alan Alvarez NEEDS funds for In Home Care – PLEASE HELP

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Alan Alvarez who is actually a friend to so many because of the life he has lived. It’s definitely been a life of service to others. Circumstances have changed.


[caption id="attachment_20326" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Alan Alvarez December, 2021
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays[/caption]

His mother, Martha, is 80+ years old and has been caring for her son. However, Alan's progression has made it physically impossible for Martha to do so on her own. With all a Mother's love possible, she has been an angel but NEEDS our help to hire In Home Care. Alan is unable to move on his own and is currently reliant on a trach which requires medical care.

There are no medical funds nor does insurance assist. Alan and his Mother rely entirely on the Thin Blue Line Family and Friends alike to help and really need your help now. Basic Care is a minimum of $5000-$10000/month.

Alan is currently (April 15, 2021) at Scripps Mercy Hospital where he had been placed on a ventilator and received a tracheostomy. He will be rehabilitating for the next week or so and hopefully can be sent home from there.
Alan is in need of his police family.

Long time NLPOA member since 1985, current and re-elected president of NLPOA CA executive board, and board member and of SDNLPOA San Diego Metro chapter, Alan Alvarez, is in great need of financial support.

In 2012 Alan Alvarez was doing his qualification at the range when he and the instructor noticed an obvious problem. From then on, what began as a stiffness in his right hand, progressed into what has become a debilitating illness. In a short time the neuropathy had gone from a bit of stiffness in his arms to everything feeling heavy to dropping trays. The incessant lack of ability to use his hand moved up to the shoulder and crossed over to the left shoulder, arm and hand. From the beginning symptoms, in 2012, it took just 3 years for the same muscular atrophy to move into his legs.

What the doctors at first thought was ALS, was now diagnosed as Progressive Muscle Atrophy, a distant form of ALS.

With all of his mental faculties still quite normal and expected to remain that way, he is challenged in many ways due to his progressing physical disability.

Alan, also having to overcome his mental and emotional challenges having been a very active Police Officer for many years, he has come to understand that he is in need of financial assistance to help with his general well being.

For many years, Alan served within the San Diego Police Department and he also served in many capacities within the National Latino Peace Officers Association. He currently still voluntarily serves as the President of the California Board of the NLPOA.
Alan’s 58th birthday is on Friday, April 16, 2021.
Any support that you can provide during this very difficult time would be greatly appreciated.
This campaign has been created in addition to a prior campaign. Circumstances have evolved and it was mutually decided that a new campaign with updated information was in Alan's best interest. 
Funds are given directly to Alan and Martha.


Update on Alan 12-2021:

~He also still needs caregivers 24 hours Sundays, 9-5 pm Mondays, 9-5 Wednesdays, 24 hours Fridays (in 2 weeks he loses his evening person), and 24 hours Saturdays starting 2 weeks from now. This is really urgent and we have received some amazing folks just from these Facebook pleas!
~Also looking for someone in construction who can donate a wood deck project so he can go outside of his bedroom and get fresh air.
~I messaged several people as well last night as he wants you to come visit. Please go see him friends. It gives Martha a break, while helping Alan's spirits.
~As always, thanks so much to all of Alan's village that do so much for him. We really appreciate it!

Love from Alan and Martha. Judi

Update on Alan 09-08-21:
Alan is back in Mercy hospital. He would be able to go to a regular room but because of trach, he is going to ICU. His doctor wanted him to go in for tests due to major swelling in his arms and hands. They admitted him with low potassium and Martha has not heard results from anything else yet.
Please pray that this is a short hospital visit and that we can get him home soon. Thank you Iris, Diana, and Colin for being there when they transported him. Encouragement from loved ones is so instrumental in keeping his spirits up. Judi

July 21

Still recovering at home, having some issues with my throat, still. Hard time talking and eating.
Still looking for more qualified caregivers for over nights and some days.
Please contact Laura Martha Alvarez-Romandia or Judi Adams if you have any referrals.
Thank you for all your love and prayers.
Come see me Alan.
July 18
Hi Everyone!
Here is the Meal Train Link for Alan & Martha. I have it set for 4 weeks and can/will adjust as we go along. If you’d like to help cover dinners, please sign up for the day that you can cover. Homemade, Restaurant made, Door Dash - all good! I added some notes about their preferences and will add more restaurant links if you have local suggestions. If you need help with delivery, please say so ahead of time (at least 24 hrs ahead of time if you can) and we will work it out. If you’re not local and/or would prefer to donate towards groceries - you can also do that via the link.
Judi Adams - please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to add for the restaurant options and directions. I’m starting with 4 weeks so we get those covered and then can go from there. 
July 15
Finally home !!!
Thank god almighty !!!
Thank you for all your prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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