Police Sergeant traumatically injured needs your help!


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Officer Eric Colamarino was severely injured when he responded to a call for service, and while standing on the porch the floor collapsed from underneath him sending his body six feet below into a basement!!

He has debilitating back injuries and buckled knees that is being treated with therapy several days a week.

Sergeant Colamarino is an 8 year veteran of the Penn Borough Police Department where he has touched and changed so many countless lives during his career.
     Let’s help make things a little easier for him and his family during this time. Eric salary has been reduced, and is still responsible for a significant portion of his associated medical bills. His quality of life has been drastically reduced and he is missing out on the joys, & freedom of his life .

Eric could not see what was coming to him that day. One moment he was standing and the next the floor rotted out from underneath his feet starting a long and length journey of recovery.

Eric is hopeful that one day he can return to the force when someone calls 911 and make someone’s worst day into their best day.



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