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I started Thin Blue Line Memorial Crafts in March of 2016, the idea was to have items on hand to send out following the Line of Duty Death of an Officer

I, myself, am a Police Dispatcher.

Hero 24/7: Police dispatcher works to honor every officer killed in line of duty.

Officer Down US Thin Blue Line Memorial Collage Items

Sadly, most of the time I am trying to catch up. 

Right now I am only behind by 5 officers. 

I have sent out over 150 items since 2016. 

Monetary donations help offset the cost of supplies and postage. I understand than many people would send gifts if they could. Fortunately I have the time and the ability as well as the motivation to do so. It would be very gracious of you to help me in my mission so that the cost is less of a financial burden. 


The video included is recent and from 2018. 


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