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I am Lt. Shane Dickinson of the Winfield City Police Dept. in Marion County, Alabama. I am also a Marine Corps Iraq Veteran. I'm Married to Ashley Dickinson.  We married in October of 2016.  We have lived together since June 2015 and currently we are in the middle of a custody battle for her Children with their Father who had custody and has cut her out of his life and even refuses visitation with her kids . He has filed in St. Clair county probate court to adopt them when he found out we were going to take him to court for visitation and custody in the near future.  My wife has paid child support since 2008. She doesn’t see much of her check because it goes mostly towards the kids.  I took out a line of credit to fund this during the prolonged probate court which has already cost us a lot of money. We need help with some of the legal fees for her lawyer, Scott Johnson Attorney at Law in Pell City, Alabama.  I've never met my wife’s children. My youngest daughter who is 17 lives with us and has never met her stepsisters who are 12 and 14.  She desperately wants to meet them.  We want our family to be UNITED.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 


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