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After 30 years in law enforcement, 28 as a sworn officer and 2 as a dispatcher, I was forced to retire and go on disability. 

Three bouts with cancer and an allergic reaction to the chemotherapy damaged my kidneys.  I also developed severe osteoarthritis in my spine, neck, shoulders, wrists, hands, hips, knees and feet. 

Due to having to take early retirement, I only get 78% of my pension. 

Doctor has advised I need a recliner to help reduce the swelling in my lower legs.  I cannot get out of a regular recliner due to my arthritis.  Need a lift chair and cannot afford one!  Please help.

The money is to purchase a lift chair which is a medical necessity according to my doctor.


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Project FAQ

Q.  Why is the money needed?  A.  To purchase a lift chair

Q.  Why is a lift chair needed?  A.  Doctor advised it is a medical necessity to reduce the edema (swelling) in my feet and lower legs.  Must keep feet elevated.  Due to arthritis, I am unable to get out of a regular recliner.

Q.  Who is it for?  A.  Me...I have 30 years in law enforcement.  2 years as a dispatcher with Pt. Lookout, MO; 4 years as a sworn officer with the Carrollton, IL PD and 24 years with the Nevada, MO PD.  

Q.  Why can't you pay for it yourself?  A.  I had cancer 3 times.  I had a severe allergic reaction to the chemotherapy.  I am now in chronic kidney failure.  I had to take an early retirement and lost part (22%) of my pension.  I have doctor's appointments and lab work every 2 months and am being drowned with medical bills.