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This campaign is to help us raise money for help with our daughter, Olivia. I am a Dispatcher for LVMPD.

My baby, Olivia was diagnosed with CAMT, a very rare genetic blood disorder, at 2 months old after receiving many transfusions. It's called CAMT and here is a link... CAMT.

CAMT so rare - there are only about 100 documented cases of it. It keeps Olivia's bone marrow from producing platelets. This causes her to bruise easily. She had trouble stopping bleeding. And she was in danger of spontaneous bleeding in her brain or stomach!

The only treatment for this was a platelet transfusion that she had been getting every 10-14 days. The only way to cure it is a bone marrow transplant.

The bone marrow transplant was done in Tucson, AZ at the end of April, 2016.

Olivia has been on anti viral, anti fungal, and liver cleansers, as well as three chemo treatments and that was all prior to the transplant.

The transplant effects and medication have since been really tough on her and keeping foods down has been a true challenge.

The potential issues for the transplant are larger than could be imagined. The precautions are intense. The benefits, however, are lifesaving.

My wife and I are obviously taking time off to be with her through this process. My wife has taken unpaid leave from her job as a teacher with CCSD for close to three months.

We are asking for help to cover our expenses not covered by insurance and normal expenses that will be hard to cover on one income from my job.

Please. Anything can help.

You can follow along with her treatment at her Facebook page where we post updates regarding her treatment.

Follow: Prayers for Olivia Tesh Facebook Page


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