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Officer Richard Blevin’s brother, Ronnie is a genuine, loving guy. He is also a special needs/disabled adult. Ronnie had to have an extensive 4 hour dental surgery last week to repair his broken, cracked, and missing teeth. They tried to salvage what they could. The prognosis is good. The dentists and doctors believe that this will help Ronnie’s medical concerns as well. He will still need to undergo another medical procedure within the next 6 weeks.

He cannot get assistance from the state due to his age (he is 45) and as they have sadly learned, most dentists, adult or pediatric, will not take on special needs patients like Ronnie. After the age of 18, individuals like him are on their own because they are considered “self-sufficient adults” although he still requires a caregiver. Richard takes full care of his brother, unfortunately, Richard is unable by law to cover him under his group healthcare benefits because Ronnie is a sibling and not a child. And neither Medicaid or Medicare cover dental for him. Richard also works multiple jobs, is a single dad of two on top of Ronnie’s care. I know how much he loves his brother and wants the best for him and how much this financial strain has put on them. The total cost of the first procedure was $6000 (not including hospital costs). The second procedure has been quoted to be $4000.

Let’s help relieve some of the burden on them!

*This campaign has been posted with permission by the family


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