Officer Needs Assistance After Traumatic Brain Injury

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On May 11, 2012, I was severely injured when the SWAT vehicle I was riding in struck a tree trunk, throwing me into the ceiling of the vehicle.

My husband has been a Police Officer with the city of Detroit for 17 years, which is where we met. I started as a Police Officer there, but then took a position as a Police Officer in a suburban city, Westland, Michigan.

In 2012, while training to be on the SWAT team, the vehicle I was in struck a tree trunk, causing me to be thrown into the roof of the vehicle. Despite having a helmet on, I now have a traumatic brain injury, cognitive deficits, excruciating pain, vision issues, along with numerous other health issues.

My department has been less than supportive, and the city has ceased all workers comp payments, medical coverage AND benefits, and even forced me to use my own sick time to stay off work.
My time ran out long ago, and we are in a terrible situation. I am unable to work. We are losing our house.  I am literally going to our local food bank to get food. We are currently out of toilet paper! I don't even know how to express how embarrassing that is.

This is very humbling. We need help. Anything. Please.


Thank you, in advance, even for reading this.


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