Officer Grant Morrison Emotional Breakdown Viral Video – Family Needs to Relocate

Family Needs

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Although the video is difficult to watch because of the genuine raw emotions, it allows viewers to see the pure unaltered reality of an Officer's humanity. 

This family has recently had their lives very publicized after a video went viral of Officer Grant Morrison breaking down on camera after having to make the heart wrenching call to use lethal force on a non compliant shooting suspect in an armed robbery only 24 hours prior. The entire community of Law Enforcement families have gone through many devastating losses recently, including the Morrison family.

image26-300x221Just some examples of the stalking. image24-169x300

There are many more examples that can be posted, but it's not necessary to reward the behavior with any publicity. The entire Law Enforcement Online Community is receiving harassment.  This particular website has been the recipient of numerous comments.  The threats are abundant and they are very real. The Morrison Family will have to endure years of heartache and many changes. They are in NEED of real support.

Regardless of the security they have in place, the public knowledge of their current home address has made it impossible to feel safe there, especially with the increasing threats of violence.

I am asking for assistance in raising any amount of funds to help this family afford to leave their current home and start fresh in a safe and undisclosed part of their home town where they have an undeveloped piece of land "off the grid". This fund will help put a well, drainage field, electricity and a small but livable barn on the property.

Again, ANY small amount will help.

Tahina and Grant Morrison image21-204x300

This fund will help put a well, drainage field, electricity and a small but livable barn on the property.

Anything helps!

Thank you for your consideration!!!

The Morrison Family


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