Norwalk CT Officer Shot on Duty – Family needs Support

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Officer Roselle is a 30 year veteran of the Norwalk Police Department. Phil was shot one year ago in an on duty training accident.

Phil has also been a diabetic since he was 19 years old. After being shot, his kidneys have failed and he is now on dialysis 3 times a week. Workman’s comp had stopped his claims as of May 2018 and they have since been reinstated. His family is still in great news of support though. He has used all of his remains sick and vac days. 

Officer Phil Roselle’s wife and two small children, ages 9 & 14 still have great needs not being met financially.

If you could kindly keep Phil’s family afloat during this time, he and his family would be forever grateful. 

Philip Roselle has been a dedicated police officer in Norwalk, CT for 30 years.

Last September, he was shot by a fellow officer in an accidental discharge at the shooting range, changing his life forever.

Phil has been a diabetic since he was 19 years old. Complications from the shooting accident have caused his kidneys to fail, and he is now on dialysis treatment three times a week.

The plan is/was to get him on the transplant list at Yale New Haven Hospital and then begin the search for a living kidney donor.

But in order for Phil to be considered a suitable candidate for a kidney transplant, he has to be in reasonable health. Unfortunately, over the last few months, Phil has been in the hospital’s critical care unit twice. Currently, he has a blood clot in his lung which the doctors are trying to dissolve with medication. He also has a partial blockage in his heart and is awaiting a decision on treatment for that condition. All while still carrying the bullet from the shooting accident around inside him.

Financially, to say the least, this has been devastating on Phil, his wife and family.  Phil’s accumulated vacation and sick leave has ended, which means he will no longer have an income to help support his family and cover the never-ending medical bills. To make matters worse, permanent nerve damage to his right hand caused by the shooting will prevent him from ever working again.

Phil needs one thing to survive: 

A successful kidney transplant.

Phil’s wife and children need your support during this challenging time  

They are so grateful and thank you for any amount you feel led to give, every dollar is greatly appreciated!  

If you are interested in becoming a living donor for Phil by donating your kidney or finding out more, please contact us directly (OR contact Phil’s medical team). 

We are putting together a Facebook page so people can follow and share the story as it goes.

Thank you again, you are a blessing. For all who have reached out about possible organ donors please go to

And I can’t thank you enough  

Funds will be directed to benefit the Roselle in the best way so as to not interfere with workman’s comp.

All donations are 501c3 tax deductible  



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