Mercer County K-9 Cop needs Bullet Proof Vest — $500


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Deputy Maggie Needs A Protective Vest!


Deputy Maggie and her handler are often first in the line of fire

The Mercer County Sheriffs Department and local grooming shop, Pet Zone in Princeton, are partnering to help raise money for one of the K-9 Officers.

K-9 officer Maggie is a 3 year old bloodhound and his two-legged partner, Deputy Furches, says the K-9 plays a vital role in the fending off of the bad guys, "I've had Maggie in many situations from armed robberies to missing people to armed suspects. It would be beneficial to have a vest in case I have to go hand on hand or be shot at."

In order to help protect Officer Maggie when she's sniffing out suspects, her groomer and the sheriffs department wants her to have a bulletproof vest to keep her safe.

Maggie K-9

Highly-trained K-9 officers require protection while carrying out their often dangerous duties

Pet Zone Grooming owner Gail Smith, whose company handles Maggie's grooming, was taken aback when she discovered that the four-legged deputy often went out on dangerous assignments without the protection of a bulletproof vest and felt K-9 units aren't given the prestige they deserve.

"So we decided in April to go ahead and do a fundraiser," Smith said. "We decided to take the money that we received from clipping toenails and donate that money to Maggie's bullet proof vest."

When people heard of the campaign they wanted to donate, too, so Smith accepts donations at Pet Zone and one can also make donations directly to Maggie's employer, the Mercer County Sheriffs Department.

While fundraising has continued, Maggie has also continued working--without a vest--so the campaign has shifted into a higher gear using the crowdfunding reach of

A typical K-9 protective vest costs nearly $1,000 and we need $500 more to get Deputy Maggie "vested up".  Please help protect this highly trained K-9 as she goes about her daily police duties.

Gail Smith, Owner, Pet Zone
200 S. 2nd St. Princeton, WV

Mercer County Sheriffs Office
1501 W. Main Street, Suite 31 Princeton, WV

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