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The Las Vegas WIVES need your help! They support each other and their families, jumping in to lend a hand when someone gets injured or needs assistance. It takes a community.

The Las Vegas WIVES need your help! They are putting together future events, which range from helping the families of injured officers to annual cookie drives to responding and helping out with local emergencies. They could use the funds to purchase those little items that mean so much during their efforts/campaigns.

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All of their activities are decided on collectively, as they have a really active group of over 500 WIVES in Las Vegas. It seems like there’s always some emergency, be it an officer getting injured, a K-9 having medical issues, a kid missing his or her birthday because their parents are in recovery, and so much more. Your support will help them accomplish a lot throughout the year!

Thanks for being part of our community!

Warmest Regards,

Jessica, a Wife



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