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Our Mission:

Founded out of a necessity to protect and insulate our heroes who stand that "Thin Blue Line" between civility and chaos.

For far too long the silent majority stood by and watched as the vocal minority fed their hate into the war on police in America. Now with the birth of yet another hate group (BLM movement) that singles out the 1% of our population that defends the other 99%, LESMA was born.

Our mission is to defend, insulate, represent and support these brave men and woman while they faithfully discharge their duties and sworn oaths. While the majority of the civilized world stands behind them we at LESMA promise to stand in front of them as guardians to our guardians. We promise to take on the battles that often times they themselves are not able to do themselves- to hold the media accountable for their often slanted reporting in order to increase ratings and increase advertising revenue, holding politicians accountable for their knee jerk reactions and statements that often times place the officers in the crosshairs of ne'er-do-wells, corporations whose policies and procedures leave officers unfairly protected, and to push for legislation that offers enhanced protections to our officers and first responders.

LESMA members are scattered across the US and very active in their communities. Some of the things that LESMA members and administration have done: *We have a team of active members in almost all states that attend funerals of fallen officers. If any of our team are in need of assistance getting to those funerals, we help them in any way that we can. *LESMA tries to send flowers to the funerals of all fallen officers, and are compiling a list of families of the fallen so that we may send them cards and gifts during the holidays. *LESMA members have visited their local communities and dropped off food, water, and letters of support to let our officers know that they have support in their own towns.

*LESMA did 'Heroes for Heroes' campaign, with our Founder, retired NYPD Det. David Chianese collecting 1st responder patches from across the country for a board to display in Cohen's Children's Medical Center LIG/North Shore in New Hyde Park, NY. *LESMA offers private, discreet counseling services to our First Responders in crisis.


**We have successfully represented Chief Mike Halstead and Sgt. Jani Davis, Tony Lepor and more. We feel that these heroes were unjustly treated by their departments/city governments, and we have taken them in for protection and representation. We are assisting them at no charge to them.

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