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This fund will help us help other families affected by Congenital Heart Disease.

A 3-year-old Knoxville boy, whose love for law enforcement gained national attention, has died after battling a rare heart condition. Kolton Hessman had Heterotaxy Syndrome, which caused a number of heart defects. He also was born without a spleen, diminishing his immune system.

He had needed a new heart to survive. 

This consists of approximately 35 different heart defects. My son Kolton Hessman had 6-7 with 2 being very rare. These families sometimes spend long amounts of time at the hospital unable to work or leave their child alone while both parents work to keep their lives intact. Car payments, mortgage payments, and etc..... While their child from infant to almost teenage years is all alone. The 2-10 year old I think have it the worst. They don't understand everything that's being done to them and no one to support them. I've seen this first hand. They cry and cry with only a nurse to comfort them. 

CHD children do not have programs like St. Jude that pay all medical bills, housing, & food.

So it takes the support of our communities and people like you to help make a difference. 


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