Justice for Sergeant Jani Davis

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Please help get this Sergeant get back on the streets where she belongs. She is such an asset to our community. We do not want to send the wrong message to criminals!

Jani Davis was top of her graduating class, receiving many accolades at the NMDPS academy over 5 years ago. Over the years at the Taos PD, she received many commendations for going above and beyond. She was employee of the month, awarded by the Town of Taos in February of this year. She was awarded the honor of Sergeant, last fall, by the Taos PD, an honor never bestowed on any woman in the history of the Taos PD.

There is also a litany of good deeds performed on her own dime. For example:

  • hotel rooms for people in crisis,

  • car parts, meals,

  • socks and hand warmers for those less fortunate than her

  • much much more

Unfortunately, on June 10th, she and her fellow patrolmen went to a call involving a known violent felon. He resisted arrest and unfortunately was kneed in the buttock (non sustaining injuries after examination at the hospital). Said convicted felon, went to NMSP and consequently an investigation was performed. The other officer investigated was released of all wrongdoing despite his own contribution to the arrest. Unfortunately, Sergeant Davis has not fared so well! The NMSP filed criminal charges and want her certification. Obviously, this has surprised our community and we are outraged at the disparate treatment between her and the other officer. In the past, the NMSP did not criminally charge their own Officer for more egregious infractions. So, again, why the disparate treatment?!?!

Needless to say, legal counsel is required to fight such discrimination.

Police Officers, as most of you know, do not make a substantial salary; they do the job because it's in their soul.


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