Blue Angel of Hope ~ Honoring Blue Families & Kids Left Behind


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In light of the numerous and never ending LODD's and catastrophically injured LEO's that can never return to the job, I felt someone needed to do something more than just say "Praying" with each loss and incident. We are losing Law Enforcement Officers at a rapid rate and faster than I can keep up.

On January 15, 2013 the small community I lived in lost their 1st ever Officer in the Line of Duty. K9 Officer Kevin Tonn was shot and killed at close range by a subject he just wanted to talk to. It was then that my heart was filled with so much sadness that I had to do my best to pay it forward. I reached out to the Chief and within a couple months time, a non profit called CHAMPGALT(Community Heroes Appreciation Memorial Project) was formed. I was voted in as Vice President and we started holding monthly Fundraisers for the next 2 years in order to raise the funds needed to build a Memorial. On Kevin's 2 year EOW, we presented the Memorial to his family and the community. On January 15, 2018 we celebrated Kevin's 5 year EOW and it was announced that CHAMP would disband since our goal was met. We, however, stopped fundraising after his 2 yr EOW and it felt too good to pay it forward so I started searching for ways I could keep Paying it Forward. It was then that I found the Thin Blue Line Flags. 850 flags later spanning 35 states, Canada & Denmark, I was faced with 2 choices.. stop or go Non Profit and stopping wasn't an Option ! I had been helping LEO families out of my own pocket since 2013 and one Deputy told me I was his "Blue Angel." Something that resonated with me and after thinking about it, I knew the message I wanted to give families & kids left behind was "Hope." Hence, Blue Angel of Hope, non profit started July 2017.

Being a new non profit means trying to find ways to generate Sponsorships in order to keep Honoring the Lives of the Loved ones lost. Most of the time they have been murdered in cold blood, thru ambushes, shootings, stabbings and/or beatings. It is my hope that by educating people on the meaning behind the TBL Flags, we can bring people together, in Unity, as we once were shortly after 9/11. It seems people have Forgotten what it means to love and care for perfect strangers here at home and that we still have a war going on against those that killed many Americans on the fateful morning of September 11,2001.

Lets stand together, in Solidarity, show our Support for the Men & Women in Blue, who give so freely of themselves, without hesitation or reservation, daily, to protect us, our kids, our families. I have not known 1 Officer or their family personally that I have gifted flags to but I can tell you that I sure have found my passion in paying it forward. As a mom, I cannot imagine getting that knock on the door. My son has been by my side this entire journey that started on January 15, 2013. He has gone to all of the fundraisers with me, he knows what happened to Officer Tonn, he writes letters for Kevin's family at the yearly EOW gatherings. He gets it ! He is only 8 & he gets it !

I pray the killings of Officers ceases but instead, its rapidly increasing to daily horrific and tragic events. In doing so, I need help in order to keep up. I simply cannot do this alone anymore. I am looking for businesses, companies & individuals to give monthly and/or yearly donations to a Non Profit that is very much worthy, in great demand & looking to reach each and every family who so tragically finds themselves in the situations so many have already faced. I am looking for volunteers to help with fundraisers, recruiting and helping me to get my name out there. Lets bring HOPE to those whose world has just been turned upside down by letting them know people and perfect strangers, really DO care.




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