Help the Hurley Family – 6 Yr Old Son has Passed

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 Thanks to all of you who have loved on, prayed for and supported the Hurley family over these difficult months. The afternoon of February 27th, 2016, sweet little Dean passed away surrounded by his family and loved ones. He's no longer in pain and his family is taking comfort in that. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as the days ahead will be undoubtedly difficult. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight...we never know what tomorrow holds.

This fundraiser has been established by members of the LVMPD Family and the LVMPO Wives on behalf of the family of Motors Officer Jarrod Hurley. Officer Hurley and his wife Luan, a stay at home mother of 4, are currently caring for their 6 year old son Dean, a twin, who is dying of brain cancer.


Jarrod was coaching Dean and his twin Brother in a baseball game and Dean was having a hard time keeping his balance. They took him to the doctor thinking it might be meningitis and after an MRI they found the tumor, diagnosed as ependymoma, a tumor that arises from the central nervous system.  

Two weeks after the diagnoses, Dean's family made the decision to have  brain surgery to remove the tumor. Since then, he has had two other brain surgeries and multiple medical procedures due to complications from his diagnoses. Dean was admitted into the ICU on January 2nd and had been there ever since. 

The family has had to deal with mounting medical bills over the past year, and will have many many more to come with the need of Hospice end of life care for Dean. With all they have had to do to care for their son, and a costly funeral in the near future, the LVMPO Wives and LVMPD Community aim to provide aid to the family in the form of financial support.

Please consider donating to ease some financial strain for Hurley Family


All donors will receive an emailed receipt with OfficerDown.US IRS tax ID # and are considered non-profit status.

All donations will be presented to the Hurley family.


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