Help Support our Officers in Healing from Addiction and PTSD


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The worst cases stay in our minds, our thoughts, our hearts, our dreams and not always in the best ways. Sometimes we experience PTSD and addiction from these incidences and it's OK to seek help in dealing with the ghosts.  We walk the line and run into crisis and battles, it's who we are as Warriors.  And Warriors Heart and Operation Warriors Heart Foundation is here to assist when the nightmares don't stop, when we aren't able to effectively deal with the trauma's we have seen.

It is estimated that up to 24% of all U.S. police officers suffer from addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also likely that the number of current officers suffering from PTSD is much higher.  1 (one) Police Officer commits suicide every 17 hours.

Police officers are subject to high-stress, life-threatening tasks each and every day. The danger is 24/7 on and off duty. Because of the oath our Police Officers take, they are always on the battlefield. To protect itself, the mind can create fear and distances from others to keep officers alert.

Recent police scandals, the media’s spin and lack of support from top leadership have changed the outlook on police officers. Because of this division, added pressures and everyone and their mother with phone cameras filming officers, the job is getting harder and harder.

One of the most common ways of dealing with PTSD is to simply mask the symptom, usually thorough self-medication (alcohol & prescription medications).  After time, alcohol/pill use becomes an addiction and added to the PTSD slowly takes it's toll on the mind, body and spirit.

We are here to break the stigma of hiding our addiction and PTSD challenges.  We don't have to publicly announce we have a problem, but it is OK to seek help.  It's is OK to overcome these and reunite with our family and friends, to not be clouded, troubled or isolated from the symptoms of the things we face every day.


Donations will go 100% towards the healing of our Warriors, of our Officers.  We have a dedicated facility that treats Warriors only.  Other Warriors who understand, a true peer-to-peer facility.

 Let's Support our Officers in Healing today through peer-to-peer treatment.

The foundation also provides a training facility for service dogs and service dogs to warriors, behavioral health education, community events, etc.  Funds from this campaign will go directly to support officers in treatment, those who doesn't have the funds, or don't have the additional co-pays/co-insurance to cover the costs.


In the last 2 months we have assisted 5 Law Enforcement officers around the country in their healing from Addiction and PTSD!  We are breaking the stigma that we have to remain tough and put invisible band-aids on the trauma and pain we see everyday.  

Currently we have a Sheriff who is needing additional funding from an addiction to pain pills that resulted from an on duty shooting.  He is currently on administrative leave due to the results of the addiction and his co-pay's are extremely high.  

Let's band together and support our brothers and sisters in their healing!!  There are many other officers that do not want their departments to know they are going to treatment, so are looking to pay privately.  Every little bit helps.

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