Help Rose Borisow GraFX Provide FREE Prints to Families of Fallen Officers!


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You may have seen the art. You almost certainly have seen the art!

The person behind the art work of Rose Borisow GrafX is the person the story that should be shared . 

I met Rose in 2005 at the Montgomery County, MD police academy. She was an instructor & I was a recruit. Quite frankly, she scared me! She may not be tall in stature, but she can run laps around you, do more pull-ups & push-ups than most guys, & give you a look that could make you cry & shake in your boots. But there’s a side of Rose that some are blessed to know & I am thankful to be one of them. She is kind hearted & humble. She still continues to serve & protect our community as an officer at night (has done so for 30+ years) & then by day works tirelessly to honor our nation’s fallen.

In 2012, decided she wanted to do something to honor officers who were killed in the line of duty. So she started creating amazing prints. She made them on her own time and covered the costs of the supplies herself. In 2013 she started doing them for all Line of Duty Death (LODD) families & departments in the US, Puerto Rico & Canada and gave them as gifts.  

To date, she has made over 1200 prints since she started and she has every intention of continuing her amazing work of honoring LODD and non-LODD (by request).

However, with these generous gifts, comes added expenses.

Although she does receive occasional donations to help defray the costs of the prints and shipping, she has oftentimes had to cover the expenses herself.

Let’s help her be able to make more prints and be able to send more of them to others. By helping her, you would also be helping bring another family & department a little peace during a very tragic and sad time.  She wants to make certain the light stays on our heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting & serving our communities. Let's all work together to do that!

Anything is appreciated to help offset to costs! Thank you for you generosity!


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