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Hello, my name is Teressa a happily married mum of three, who wants to make a difference.
In the past year, an emergency service officer, who is close to me, has been through a terrible time while suffering PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) caused by work related trauma. I have seen what it does to those who put their lives on the line for us and are there for us when in need of help. I've seen how it can destroy families and lives.
I really want to help!
My goal is to raise funds towards supporting our LEO suffering PTSD, to have the help they need and deserve on hand at all times in the department and outside.
I also have a new found talent which is writing heartfelt song lyrics. I'm not talking about lovey songs....I'm talking about those who have lost a child, about the pain hidden behind a badge, about soldiers leaving loved ones behind, etc. My goal is to become successful in helping those going through hard times in their lives, by reaching out to them through my music. Helping those to relate and release pain and emotions while singing to my songs played on the radio, written for them!
Large sums of consistent profits made will be sent to Blue Hope Charity Organization for LEO PTSD support.

If you can help me to reach my goal, and touch the lives of many, then know that you'll be not only helping many broken hearts, but you will be putting your money towards a great cause supporting our LEO who truly need your help!

Thank you.


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Project FAQ

Q: When I donate, what will my money go to?

A: Your money will go towards publishing songs professionally designed to reach out to our LEO (many are waiting for them right now! One police officer, with my permission, is working on a performance with a song to aid in moral support to all LEO), with large sums of profits sent straight to Blue Hope Charity to aid in major support for our PTSD suffering heroes of Law Enforcement.

Q: When will Music be published for them?

A:  I have already signed a contract with Paramount Songs Creative, to have one (out of two chosen) song completed and sent to major labels. They will work with me for one year, so far. I aim to create t.v. Advertisements to help gain respect for our LEO too. It's limitless what can be achieved for them!

Q: What will Blue Hope Organisation do to help our LEO suffering PTSD?

A: BLUE HOPE was created to provide support to current and former police officers and their families who are suffering with mental health issues. They are independent to all law enforcement agencies and seek to support all police, but especially those police officers who want an alternate to internal supports. Their staff case manage officers and keep in touch personally to encourage and support throughout the process.

Blue HOPE is like no other organisation. They are tailored specifically to current and former police and provide an alternative source of support for officers and their families. Blue HOPE challenges the traditional methods of supporting police. Having served themselves, they know that police are often reluctant to turn to internal supports for a variety of reasons. Blue HOPE aims to fill that void, offering anonymous, professional and personal support, all coordinated from men and women who bleed blue.