FUNDRAISER for WIFE of Denver Transit Officer Killed in Ambush

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Security Officer Scott Von Lanken -- a former police officer in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Scott Von Lanken was standing outside of Union Station in Wynkoop Plaza near the intersection of 16th and Wynkoop streets around 11 p.m. when he was attacked.

Officials said the 56-year-old armed security officer with Allied Universal was giving directions to two women about where to board the light rail when the suspect snuck up behind him and pointed a gun at his neck. The women said they heard the suspect say "Do as I tell you" before shooting the officer.

Von Lanken died in an ambulance while being transported to a local hospital.

Former Officer Von Lanken's wife is in desperate need of funds! 

Scott Van Lanken originally moved to Loveland in 2002 to continue his work in ministry.  In between churches and struggling to put food on the table, Van Lanken worked as much as possible to provide for his family.  His sister-in-law Sandy Ritter said that Shellie called her around 3 AM to tell her the news.  Heartbroken and worried about how to move forward and with only “40-cents in her wallet and no groceries,” she said, the bread winner for their family was taken from them.

Scott Van Lanken had served the citizens of La Crosse Wisconsin as a police officer from 1978-1987.  In 1988 he left law enforcement and became a Pastor and served in Ohio, Arizona and Colorado over a 26-year period.  His bride of 35 years, Shellie, said Scott had taken a break from pastoring to earn money for her and their twin adult daughters, one of whom is disabled.  He had been working around 65 hours a week Shellie said to support their family.  “It was unbelievable that any human being could even work what he was working,” she said, calling his stress tremendous. “He just worked his heart out. He would tell me, ‘If I could keep working, I would get another job just so I could provide for my family.’”

Scott worked as pastor in various churches, as a police officer, and as an RTD(Regional Transportation District) security officer in Denver.  Scott started his career working as a police officer for the city of La Crosse in Wisconsin from 1978 until 1987. During his time as a police officer he met his wife of 35 years, Shellie who brought into this world 2 beautiful girls. Scott's love of humanity and passion to help people led him to leave his job as a police officer and turn toward the ministry becoming a pastor at various churches in Ohio, Colorado, and Arizona. Scott needed to earn more money to support his family and began working as a security officer on the RTD transit account. Scott was well respected among his coworkers as a leader, mentor, and confidant in their personal times of need. 

All funds are intended for Shellie, Scott Von Lanken's widowed wife.


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