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  I've been working on a 9/11 Memorial car since 2002, shortly after the attacks on American soil that day. I am both a Law Enforcement and Army Veteran and own a 1977 Formula Firebird. This is the same year Pontiac Firebird as the legendary Trans Am from Smokey and The Bandit. Unlike the Trans Am's iconic Screaming Chicken on the hood, the Formula has always had two long, large hood scoops.

I came up with a 9/11 tribute design in the days and weeks following the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I came up with a way to use the car's features to honor all three Hallow Ground crash sites. I intend to paint the fallen Twin Towers on the twin hood scoops with the Pentagon behind them. Flight 93 will be honored on the rear spoiler, thus all 3 represented. The face of the Bald Eagle will adorn the front of the Firebird with a ton of red, white, and blue highlights.

There have been many 9/11 tribute cars over the years however I've been doing this on a junkyard dog budget but not giving up on it. I'm planning on using bold symbolism in a unique way. Many tend to be just Ground Zero specific and Firefighter oriented. For my law enforcement Brethren, there will be a solid Blue Line all the way around and having a 5 foot Pentagon on the hood will represent ALL branches of Military service.

Currently I'm on my second Firebird in the project and it's still under construction at my home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The goal upon completion is to drive it across country from Cheyenne to all 3 Hallow Ground crash sites from 9/11. Then using the car as an Honor vehicle for parades and special events

  For the families and friends who lost someone on the horrors of September 11, 2001, this car is for you. For our Veterans, serving Military and the families of Service members who've suffered the loss of a loved one, this car is for you. For my Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and contributing Security professionals who tirelessly and selflessly work nonstop protecting our communities, and our Public Safety fallen, this car is for you.

I don't have any corporate sponsors and I'm doing this by the little man for the little man.

    I'm not a trained mechanic but I'm good with my hands and have been learning as I go. I welcome any assistance anyone is willing to offer in helping me bring my vision into reality.

I want this to reach out to all Americans regardless of race, skin color, sex, or social/political status. Divided there is anarchy, United we can accomplish anything, God Bless America! Never forget 9/11!

Additional information is available at it's own dedicated Facebook page under the name, "Freedom Firebird Project."


Thank you,

Randall Davis

US Army Reserves, Honorable Discharge 2013


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Project FAQ

Q: Why are you still doing this after so many years have gone by since 9/11?

A: I began this shortly after 9/11 while I was still actively in Law Enforcement. I've survived being shot twice and have lost a friend, fellow Officer in the line of duty and remember donning white gloves for his funeral. I've been doing this out of pocket and on my own, busting knuckles and getting dirty along the way. I want to symbolize the American grab your bootstraps, getting dirty and never giving up American mentality. After 9/11, America had to rebuild out of the ashes and that's exactly what I'm doing with this car. It began as a $400.00 junker and I am making it rise like the true PHOENIX she is.