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Warriors Heart USA is a Christ center organization located in the Washington DC metro area.  Our mission is to act as a spiritual compass for those that are navigating through the traumatic minefields of life towards a more meaningful life.  We bring compassion, radical hope, and forgiveness to those that are seeking a genuine community.  We offer mentorship programs, fellowship, and teaching that gives them the tools to find that freedom from the demonic nightmares, anxiety, guilt, and shame. We offer online courses and face-face courses such as ReBoot Combat Recovery, Going Deeper (online), Reset (for non1st Responder or Veteran) as well as partnerships with other groups such as Might Oaks, Stronger Alliance, and others.

We read in the news and on social media postings that people are killing themselves left and right.  We hear of two celebrities that had the best mental health care money could by the end their pain in spite of it.  Every 40 seconds someone is ending their life.  We know that statistically, every 17 hours a law enforcement officer is ending theirs.  Most do not remotely get the care the celebrities received.  In fact, most 1st Responders are ignored and tossed to the side of the road like yesterdays trash. We know that every 65 minutes a Veteran is ending their life.

The question is why?  No, they are not mentally sick, they are not broken and they are not cowards.  They are dealing with invisible wounds that have injured their soul.  Man is a triune being (three parts) Mind, Body, and Spirit.  We must address all three parts to begin the healing process.  As a community we see many programs popping up that address the mental aspect of the person dealing with the effects of PTSD and moral injuries.  We see countless programs offering physical solutions.  But like a three-legged stool that is missing a leg, if the spiritual is not addressed, the approach will fail.

All our programs are at no cost to those that participate.  We are asking for our financial support so we can continue to do our outreach to those that are battling those invisible wounds.  We are a firm believer in being present and listen as well as Every man's spirit is worth fighting for.

Please Help US-every penny helps.




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Project FAQ

What do we offer? We have developed a program that brings the retired professionals to those that are still dealing with the job. To offer a listening ear and just being present.

We have partnered with the Stronger Alliance and together we are offering an online 6-week program that addresses the healing process of soul wounds, loss, shame, and guilt. The program is free to the participants. Going Deeper is a powerful program that is tied to a successful Faith-based movie "We Are Stronger"

We offer a 12-week program that is designed to meet on a weekly basis to address in greater detail the aspects of healing from traumatic events in one's life. It offers an insight to freedom from the effects of the trauma.

We have partnered with other organizations that offer retreats and more focused outlooks towards spiritual healing.

Our goal is to build a genuine community that offers compassion, radical hope and, forgiveness.

If you are dealing with or know someone that is dealing with the effects of trauma, guilt, and shame. Reach out to us www.facebook.com/warriorsheartusa