Eat Cookies. Fight Cancer.

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Eat Cookies. Fight Cancer. is a support page for my friend Matt. He is battling stage 4 cancer that started in his left tonsil.

At the end of January, beginning of February Matt noticed a little swelling on the left side of his neck. There was no pain, discomfort, or other symptoms. Matt has been a law enforcement for 13 years, did not smoke and lived a relatively healthy life style. On March 24th, after a CT scan and biopsies, he was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes. This was determined to be the secondary location. At the end of March, he went through another series of procedures to include a PT scan, four more biopsies and tonsil removal. On April 20th the results came back from his second round of biopsies that showed he had Squamous Cell Carcinoma that started in the left tonsil. These results determined that Matt has stage 4 cancer.
Matt is still waiting on a full treatment plan but he knows that he will start 7 weeks of radiation Monday through Friday and an unknown amount of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy plan will be determined once he meets with his Medical Oncologist.

So how can you help?

An $11 donation gets you 8 homemade chocolate chip cookies baked and packaged by Brian Morton. 100% of the donations go to Matt to help cover his growing list of medical expenses.

Shipping and Handling is included. All donations receive a receipt with OfficerDown.US's IRS Tax ID # for this nonprofit campaign, making all donations a write off. Thank you for your support.


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