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With the help of the community, the Fraternal Order of Police, Las Vegas, Lodge 1 has obtained a disaster response trailer. However, the container currently remains empty due to lack of funds to provide the amenities. Our hope is that our supportive community can assist our local Las Vegas Lodge 1 with funding through this fundraiser to fulfil our need of disaster response supplies to better serve our Law Enforcement Community as a whole.

We will be responding to natural disasters, officers down and large crime scenes to serve the officers who are on duty, either by providing food and drink or rest and recovery amenities.

Supplies needed to purchase are grills, refrigerator/freezer, tents, blankets, chairs, tables, etc...

***We have even come to the aid of our fellow Officers in emergency situations and moved them, one was even moved across the state.***

By donating here, you receive a receipt from a 501(c)(3) for your tax purposes and our organization will be able to purchase supplies at a nonprofit discount. 


We thank you for your generosity and look forward to serving you in the future.


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