Detroit Officer With Life Threatening Illness Needs A Helping Hand

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Officer Eugene Bomber has been a hardworking and decorated member of the Detroit Police Department for over nine years, including the past four years in the Special Operations Unit.  While training at the gun range in July 2015, Officer Bomber fell violently ill and went to the emergency room, where he was initially diagnosed with a MERSA infection.  Since then, he has spent a majority of his days in the hospital, in and out of the Intensive Care Unit and the Isolation Unit, where his partners, friends, and family could not even visit.  Most recently, Officer Bomber has been referred to the Cleveland Clinic to consult with more specialized doctors, as his conditions have not improved.  He is now facing an out of town surgery, possibly long term stay, at the Cleveland Clinic, and all the costs that this incurs.   Also, he has been unable to work this entire time and will run out of sick time within the end of the month, with no foreseeable return to work date.

 He now requires surgery at the Cleveland clinic, is still very ill, and off work.  

Eugene group

On top of all of this, Officer Bomber is a newlywed, and he and his wife run a working farm.   He is unable to do any of the work, lifting, or chores he was once able to do.  His wife not only works full time, but has been at his hospital bedside, has helped manage his medical care, and works double duty on the farm.

As you can imagine, this is overwhelming for them, and while their family and friends have been trying to lend hand where possible, it would be amazing if we could show them some support as a Blue Family as well!

Thank you in advance!


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