Cancer SUCKS! Fundraiser to Support Debbie Dickerson of the LVMPD Family!

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Deborah Dickerson has served as part of the LVMPD family for 26 years.

On September 12th, she lost her husband of 34 years. 3 months later, she found out that she was going to be in for the fight of her life. In December, Debbie was diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. Due to the severity of her illness, she has had to put in for early retirement and the financially stability she once had is now not so certain.
My family needs to raise funds to aide in her treatments, as well as travel costs, both here in Las Vegas and in California, as her insurance will not cover the anticipated costs that come with the expected treatments and procedures. As well as to offset the cost of her early retirement.

My mother has spent many years putting the family's needs before her own and my family would like to take every opportunity to help her through this battle in whatever way we can. Anyone who's known anyone with any form of cancer knows that it is scary, uncertain, and a beast of a disease.

Please help our family by contributing any amount and /or sharing this campaign.

From her sister:

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. For many we are blessed with not having to face the extraordinary challenge facing my sister, my best friend and lifetime accomplice in all things great and small. We all say life is a struggle rewarded by hard work and determination. For those lucky enough to know Debbie, know how compassionate and giving she is. Her life has always been filled with her desire to ensure those around her are well cared for. She has always put her care and concern for those with less. She is an awesome grandparent to two awesome kids. Who just recently lost there grandfather, her husband in September.

Now, as a family we seek to give back and we ask for your generosity. We need your help to ensure that she is able to face this battle well armed, supported and that the lack of funds will not be her determined fate. Please help us help her!



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