Brian Ogle, 17, Skull Broken Defending the Thin Blue Line


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Brian Ogle, 17, suffered a fractured skull and brain trauma after he was beaten by multiple people Friday night after a football game.

A mother in Alabama says her son was brutally beaten for supporting the police.

He was allegedly targeted for making pro-police statements on social media, after some kids reportedly wore Black Lives Matter shirts to school last week.
Brian Ogle remains in critical condition, with a fractured skull and trauma to the brain. “The best sound is to hear him snoring…we thought we lost him,” the teen’s mother said.

“Not knowing if my son is going to make it to his 18th birthday this month—I don’t know if anybody can understand what that feels like,” said Brandi Allen.


Funds will be directly given to Brandi Allen and fundraiser has been authorized directly by Brian Ogle's family


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