BETH, Sheriff’s Dept. RN, Mother of 3, has TERMINAL Cancer

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Beth Mrugacz has been employed with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department for over 8 years. She is a Registered Nurse working in the Corrections Unit.

Beth helps our prisoners with population of over 2300. Beth is also a single mother of three, 1 son and two daughters.

Three years ago, Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer, received chemo, surgery, and radiation all while still working when she could. One year later, cancer came back, this time on her sternum bone, with no treatment available but to try medication. She continued to work knowing her life was now limited because of stage 4 terminal cancer! Strongly she continued to work with the concern of her kids, and what will happen to them after. The stress of bills, house payment, needs of the kids, and preparing for the end. So Beth continued to work in pain and side effects of pills to treat her cancer. February of 2018, Beth struggled to walk, having issues with her left hip. To assist with walking Beth needed a cane, and thats when Beth found out her cancer spread even more. Beth now has cancer in her hip, pelvis, and in her lower shin. Beth has now been out of work, had additional radiation to her hip to help. Taking oral chemo, but only thing that does is gives her a ton of side effects, sleepless night, pain, hair loss, and depression.

Searching for options, Beth found out she can not qualify for social security disability because of working for the Sheriffs Department. She can get hospitalization in 2 yrs, and with her Ohio Pers, and being there for 8 years, she can not afford to go on disability. Social Security advises her to continue working til the end, that what most do. Which in her case, she is unable to work or she would. Beth is a worker and fighter, but at this point she has limits to do what she loves.

Please help Beth, a selfless woman to have less worries and more quality of life. 

If everyone who reads this can share it with at least 10 people and if each donates at least $1.00. That $1.00 will add up to help Beth.



  1. William

    Hope everyone who reads this will share the link with your department, friends, families, and social media. Even if everyone could at least donate a dollar and pass it to at least 10 people. That one dollar will turn into more for Beth. Thank you for your time and donation, she will be amazed by the support and help.
    Go Blue!

  2. William

    I want to thank the kind and selfless hearts that are helping during this time of need. She will be amazed and thankful for your generosity, I know it will bring happy tears of joy when she finds out that all of us pulling together to relieve some stress and help her. For those who know Beth, knows that she would be in your corner in your time of need. Beth is an angel and bring joy to her friends and co-workers. Beth can make friends any where and is a social butterfly where ever she goes. We have 21 days left, so please share with friends, family, co-workers, and any social media to spread the link. Blue family runs deep, and have a brother’s or sister’s six.

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