Back the Blue 5K for Houston Police Family Support Unit

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The Houston Police Family Support Unit was founded for the purpose of providing assistance when an officer is involved in a line-of-duty injury.

When these incidents occur, the officer’s income and that of the family, are greatly reduced while the officer is on leave from the department. This is where our organization, the Houston Police Family Support Unit, may provide assistance. Since the officer is unable to receive a regular paycheck or pursue any overtime pay, or additional income from working a second job, his or her family is at risk of not meeting its needs. The Family Support Unit helps these officers by providing materials and support during those difficult times. Many of the officers and their family members need emotional as well as day-to-day support. The members of the Family Support Unit are prepared and willing to step up and assist the family with some of their basic needs.

Along with helping an officer and his family in a time of need, another goal is to bring together the families of the Houston Police Department and the members of the community in order to support the officers of The Houston Police Department.

By hosting the inaugural Back the Blue 5K, we hope to do just that. We hope that the community will come together to show the Houston Police Department how important they are to our city. We ask that you will join us on November 3, 2018 as either an event sponsor or runner/walker. Along with a 5K race, there will be a one-mile fun run and other community activities.

100% of funds raised will go to the Houston Police Family Support Unit. Your donations are 501c3 tax deductible through this OfficerDown.US fundraiser. 

OfficerDown.US is a national nonprofit fundraising organization for the use of law enforcement personnel, their families, and the departments that support them.


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Project FAQ

Q: Who is Back the Blue 5K?
A: Back The Blue 5K is a community building event hosted by current, and retired law enforcement, their families, and supporters. Our mission is to function as a host for civil engagement and to bring communities together in support of their local law enforcement agency or group.

Q: Who benefits from this campaign?
A: The Houston Family Police Support Unit will use the funds to help provide assistance to families when an officer of the Houston Police Department is involved in a line-of-duty injury.

Q: How much of the fundraising goes to the Houston Police Family Support Unit?
A: 100% of this campaign goes to the beneficiary. In addition, they will receive a portion of every registration for the Back the Blue 5K before event expenses as well as event sponsorships.

Q: How do I register for the Back the Blue 5K?
A: You can register at

Q: When is Back the Blue 5K in Houston, TX?
A: November 3, 2018 at the Oil Rance. The 5K starts at 8 am and the one mile fun run will start at 9 am.

Q: Are sponsorships available?
A: Yes, cash sponsorships are available starting at $250. You can also donate items in-kind such as tables and chairs and other items.

Q: Who do I contact for a sponsorship?
A: You can send an email to

Q: If I have general race or fundraising questions, who can I contact?
A: Please email the event director at