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Please refer to the NEWER campaign for -> Alan Alvarez <- by clicking on his name.

Long time NLPOA member since 1985, current and re-elected president of NLPOA CA executive board, and board member and of SDNLPOA San Diego Metro chapter, Alan Alvarez, is in great need of financial support.

In 2012 Alan Alvarez was doing his qualification at the range when he and the instructor noticed an obvious problem. From then on, what began as a stiffness in his right hand, progressed into what has become a debilitating illness. In a short time the neuropathy had gone from a bit of stiffness in his arms to everything feeling heavy to dropping trays. The incessant lack of ability to use his hand moved up to the shoulder and crossed over to the left shoulder, arm and hand. From the beginning symptoms, in 2012, it took just 3 years for the same muscular atrophy to move into his legs.

What the doctors at first thought was ALS, was now diagnosed as Progressive Muscle Atrophy, a distant form of ALS.

With no real treatment or cure in sight, Alan will soon begin IVIG therapy as an experimental treatment. His prognosis is unclear as the doctors have told him that everyone is different. With all of his mental faculties still quite normal and expected to remain that way, he is challenged in many ways due to his progressing physical disability.

Alan, also having to overcome his mental and emotional challenges having been a very active Police Officer for many years, he has come to understand that he is in need of financial assistance to help with his general well being. His mother, Martha, is 79 years old and faces many difficulties caring for her son.

The involvement in doing what many think are the simplest tasks are labor intensive and nearly impossible without full time caretakers and expensive machinery. 

     "Before I got sick, I was never home! Now the effort it takes to get me out of the house is difficult for others to understand. I've got to be hoisted up with a machine and put in a wheelchair or scooter to be moved anywhere. Getting out of the house and into a vehicle that I can get out of is only the beginning.(sic)"

Financial assistance will assist with the basic bills that most people have like:

  • Mortgage
  • Food
  • Utilities

Also just a few of those things above and beyond the basics:

  • EQUIPMENT $$$$$

Those who know Alan already know he is a man of honor and integrity who has spent his life doing for others. In his career, he has been very involved and has worked 6 patrol commands with 'beach patrol being the 'funnest', and being the lead terrorist liaison officer since 9-11. While testing for Sergeant, Alan was forced into early retirement, without many of the governmental benefits and assistance you might think he would qualify for. He hasn't!


Alan is known for really putting his heart into the NLPOA, charity work for children, scholarships, fundraising and 'SWAC', Shop With a Cop - to simply name a few.

With expenses somewhere about $10,000/month and very little assistance, he is humbly willing to accept assistance and we ask that you dig deep to support a man of honor who has dedicated his life to serving and helping others. 




Funds will be given to Alan Alvarez and all donations through OfficerDown.US are 501c3 tax deductible.





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