A Man’s Spirit is Worth Fighting for


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     The trauma of combat is not limited to the battlefields on a foreign soil.  Men and women who have chosen to serve in the military or as a 1st responder have had the parallels of war brought to them.  The consequences of tragedy are often carried away from the scene and buried deep into the soul of these heroes.  Something happens, the shame and guilt rise to the surface like an infected wound, with it, brings the hurt and anguish.  It can feel as though it is happening right then.  The guilt starts with the what if games or the coulda, shoulda, woulda commentaries twitch in the recesses of the mind.

     This aching starts to build a wall of isolation as they feel the betrayal and it is real.  These are the symptoms of moral injuries.  Often those that are dealing with these invisible wounds find themselves facing the cultural stigmatic wall.  A wall, that has been created where those that do not understand the effects of soul wounds or traumatic stress keep those affected by these wounds away and those hurting from these wounds are fearful to seek help or accept for fear of loss of identity, employment, and community.

     Our campaign is critical.  We are reaching out to the men and women that are in uniform that make daily sacrifices, so others might have a meaningful life.  The suicide rate is climbing the charts amongst our veterans, our first responders, and their families.  But suicide is the end of the road.  There are countless others that are living their life in seclusion and pain.  They question their value.  Relationships are ending, a poor decision is costing them their job, and many are masking their pain with addictions. 

     Warriors Heart USA having felt the call to reach out to those that are in pain.  We are reaching out to those that are looking for a genuine community they can trust. These men and women are looking for real compassion; someone who really listens without the fear of being judged or facing retribution. They are looking for radical hope.  They are looking to be free from the isolation and feeling of abandonment.  Most importantly, they are looking for forgiveness. Many carry the invisible wounds of war where they felt they were the cause of the tragedy.  They feel they are the cause of the failure of their marriage.  We tell them of the selfish act of Christ that died on the cross for them so that they are free and through his grace, we are forgiven.  All they want to know is that they matter

      We are doing amazing things in the Washington DC metro area.  But in order to be able to keep doing what we are called to do.  We need your help. We need your financial help, so we can keep the programs going and the outreach alive.  We need your expertise to make us one of the most valuable outreaches in the Washington DC metro area.  We also need your prayers.  There is nothing more powerful than your prayers.

     The programs that we offer:

  • A course that meets weekly, for 12-weeks that offers practical help in addressing soul wounds.  There are no shortcuts or easy answers.  But we offer solutions that last.
  • A course that meets weekly, for 9-weeks that offers tools and resources on managing your money, create budgets and pay off debts.
  • Marriage Encounter Weekend; a weekend to rekindle your commitment to each other and learn about spiritual tools and resources when facing the challenges of moral injuries, traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression.

     We need your support, so we can continue our mission to help bring healing to those that are in pain.  Psalms 147:3 “the Lord heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

    We believe a man’s spirit is worth fighting for.  Give us the resource to fight that battle.

     Sgt Robert Bauer (Ret) MA, JD


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