28 Years Old LVMPD Officer Junior Lopez BATTLES CANCER Wife & 3 Young Children


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On February 27th, 2019 at 6:10 PM our family received the devastating news that my husband, LVMPD Officer Junior Lopez was diagnosed with cancer only two weeks after delivering our third baby by c-section.

This was the worst possible news we could have ever expected after we were so excited to bring our new baby boy, Mason, home.

Officer Lopez is also an NLPOA Member. 

Starting in mid October Junior became sick. He was feeling feverish, had a loss of appetite, was losing a significant amount of weight, and jaundiced. Junior had gone to the doctors quite a few times to only hear that all of his tests were normal. After about six miserable weeks of feeling ill, Junior began to feel better and regain his appetite. In January, Junior experienced excruciating back pain and was in and out of the ER. Each time he went to the ER he was sent home with the diagnosis of “muscle spasms”. Junior was visiting his chiropractor to help relieve some of his pain when he was suggested to be tested for anemia. The day I delivered Mason, Junior went for blood work to find out if he was anemic and results were positive for anemia. He was then referred to an oncologist who advised Junior to go to the ER because his blood levels were extremely low.

On February 13th, 2019 Junior went to the ER and was given a blood transfusion. He was told that if his blood levels had dropped anymore he could have gone into cardiac arrest. Shocked and confused on how low his blood levels were and not knowing where it was going we needed answers. After two weeks of being in the hospital and running multiple tests, we were finally able to get answers and a treatment plan. Junior will begin chemo therapy and continue treatment for a minimum of eight months. Each cycle of treatment Junior will need to stay in the hospital for approximately two weeks. He is unable to return to work during treatment.

Junior is 28 years old and a Police Officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

He is the father of three beautiful children, Madden 4, Mia almost 2, Mason, 3 weeks, who have been unable to visit him during his stay at the hospital. This experience has been heartbreaking to say the least for all of us, especially his kids who are constantly asking for their daddy. 

Due to him being unable to work, and many unforeseen expenses, we’re asking for support from our family, friends and community to help us out with financial costs. Any small donation will help and is appreciated as well as every share.

Donations through OfficerDown.US are 501c3 tax-deductible. Receipts are immediately sent to your email.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your support!


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